Are Vans comfortable for every day wear?

Yes. Vans shoes offer great support with a comfortable fit all day long. The ultimate combination of function and style, they are ideal for walking due to a sturdy rubber sole and flexible canvas construction.

While deck shoes or boat shoes are great for the beach, the beauty of Vans lies in their impressive versatility. Stylish enough to take you from work to the weekend, they are also remarkably durable. Unlike hiking shoes, which tend to have a more structured design that can limit lateral movement, canvas Vans shoes are flexible enough for everyday wear.


The right footwear should offer optimal support and cushion, even when you put your footwear to the test. A rubber outsole and a padded collar will also help absorb impact over time. The right pair of shoes is key to getting through a packed day on the job. From the retail floor or your new standing desk, choose a pair of Vans that will work well for you (and your next workday). 

With so many different options on the market, knowing what shoes to wear for daily activity isn’t always easy. Here at Vans, we set out to make stylish shoes that are as versatile as they are comfortable.

Are Vans good for standing all day?

Yes. Many Vans are good shoes for standing all day. Be sure to pick a comfortable pair that is engineered for extended use. Keep an eye out for features that give you the optimal cushion you need and the support you crave.

All Vans should come equipped with extra tough design features that can handle extended use with ease. Our signature Duracap™ reinforced materials totally absorb impact, and reinforced toe bumpers and higher sidewall heights protect your feet better than ever.  But the secret to success is picking the right style for your needs.

Built specifically for hitting the park with your board, Vans Skate Classics feature reinforced materials and an upgraded construction. Energy-return cushioning is ideal for long skate sessions, and they tend to be flatter with minimal arch support for those standing on their feet all day.

For a long day on the job, trade the classics for other key styles that are great shoes for standing 24/7. While the standard Vans skate shoes have a flatter insole for the pro skater, pick a pair of Vans with a softer, more absorbent insole with optimal arch support.

Shoes like the Kyle Walker  are a better bet for you. A pair of these bad boys offer more pop and more control than other alternatives. If you’re craving a custom fit that’ll keep you comfortable on your feet, you can’t go wrong there. Plus, the Wafflecup construction offers major cushion and support that really can’t be beaten.

The Ultrarange EXO is another solid choice that will keep you comfortable in the most uncomfortable situations. The redesigned co-moulded outsole boasts a reverse lug waffle pattern that maximises coverage, durability, and grip. Plus, the all0new UltraCush Lite Midsole has got your back for a full day on the job.

Which shoes are best for standing all day?

The best shoes for standing all day are flexible, comfortable and supportive. While all Vans shoes serve up serious support in style, there are a couple of Vans styles that are specifically great options for when you’re on your feet all day, every day.

When your job involves running around a retail floor or through hospital hallways, you need the best and most supportive shoes out there. It’s no secret that staying on your feet all day puts you (and your lower body) under a massive amount of stress.

If you’re choosing to wear shoes that don’t offer the right support or memory foam construction, then you could suffer from joint pain, heel pain, or even arch pain. Luckily for you, there are a ton of options out there for people who stand all day - and want to look great while doing it.

Here are the five best Vans shoes for standing all day, according to our research:

  • Best Overall: Kyle Walker Pro 2: The Kyle Walker Pro 2 serves up style and major support at the same time. A signature WaffleCup construction and offers more support and durability than we ever thought possible. Even better, Duracap™ reinforced materials can handle anything and everything your day has in store.
  • Best for support: The UltraRange EXO is made with sturdy textile and synthetic uppers that rival any shoe on the market. Armed with updated RapidWeld detailing and a revamped rubber toe, this option guarantees you’ll have the right fit without sacrificing style.
  • Best classic shoe: If you’re looking to rock the classic Vans style while at work, then the ComfyCush Old Skool is the way to go. A one-piece constructed interior offers a comfy fit, while Vans ComyCush foam guarantees increased comfort.

How do you break in Vans fast?

The key to a comfortable fit is breaking in your shoes well. Before you clock in for a day on the job, bend your shoes to help break them in to help your shoes adapt to the arches of your feet. You can also toss on a thick pair of socks to stretch them out.


Here’s how to break in your Vans fast by wearing thick socks:

  • Step 1: Find Thick Socks: Find a thick pair of socks, or two pairs of your everyday ones, and wear them under your new Vans shoes.
  • Step 2: Tie your shoes: Tie your shoes like you normally would – just don’t tie them too tightly.  The goal here is to stretch the shoe out enough for a more tailored and personal fit for you.
  • Step 3: Wear them around the house: Now that you’re all set up, wear your Vans around the house whenever you’re home. This doesn’t have to take long - just a couple of hours while you take care of chores is all it takes.

If you’re not a fan of this route, we’ve got a few other tips and tricks up our sleeve. You can use a hairdryer to help break your shoes in, or simply wear them for a couple of hours each night around the house.

We’ve been building gear to help you tackle life “Off The Wall” since 1966. If you’re ready to take the plunge, shop our range of Vans Trending Styles today before you head out the door. Our shoes are engineered to support your foot and absorb any unexpected impact – so go ahead, tackle the heavy lifting with Vans by your side.

Here at Vans, we know the importance of reliability. That’s why we guarantee that our shoes are totally in it for the long haul. Plus, if you’re not happy with your product or simply changed your mind, we offer free returns and exchanges. Whether you’re tackling new tricks at the skate park or clocking in for work at your 9 to 5, Vans has got your back every step of the way.