How tall are low-tops, mid-tops and high-tops?

When it comes to epic footwear, height really is everything. Low-top shoes are your standard height for everyday use. Mid-tops tend to go no higher than your ankle, while high-tops extend completely over the ankle. Whether you're skating or biking, consider what shoes you're looking to rock this season.

From low to mid and high-tops, hit the streets with the right sole on your side. Redefine sneaker culture with the iconic side stripe and embrace key features like a durable suede upper and a padded tongue.

If you are seeking to level up your support while you skate, go for a pair with padded collar and heel counters for added flexibility. Plus, you can't go wrong with our vulcanized signature Waffle Outsole. Whatever height you invest in, get stoked for some next-level gear.

Are you still scouting out your next pair of skate shoes? We've done the research for you. Whether you're relentlessly pushing boundaries at home, or seeking another epic adventure, lace-up and get that next level grip with Vans today.

What are low top trainers?

Low-top trainers are shoes that do not cover the ankle. Made famous by a minimal design and maximum support, they are sometimes called "low-tops" or simply "lows". As durable as they are stylish, a low-top lace-up is a must for any wardrobe.

The best low-top trainers out there offer sturdy canvas and suede uppers with padded collars for major support to the max. No stranger to repeated wear, reinforced toe caps can handle any trick you've got up your sleeve.

If you are a skating novice or boast years of experience, invest in The Old Skool. This classic skate shoe was the first to bear the iconic side stripe design. Available in dozens of colours and a full range of sizes, countless pros and skaters alike have found their fit with this total classic.

Don’t hesitate to charge up the streets and create your own custom colourway. Go ahead, take your style from the drawing board to your doorstep in just a few weeks with designs made just for you.

What are high top sneakers?

High-top sneakers are shoes that extend over your ankle. Made famous by basketball players shooting hoops, they are sometimes confused with their slightly shorter counterpart, the mid-top. For those of you suffering from lack of stoke, high top sneakers are the way to go for next-level support.

If you've always eyed Air Jordans when you were younger, rock an instant classic with the iconic look of Vans high-tops. These SK8 Hi Shoes are a legendary lace-up high top inspired by the classic Old Skool style.

While high-top sneakers are widely known as basketball shoes, keep in mind they can offer major style and durability while you ride. A padded ankle can absorb all those impacts while you dose up on excessive trickery.

There is widespread debate on whether collar height affects performance. In reality, it really depends on your preference on the ramp.  High-tops are at the top of our list for shock absorption and extreme durability. While you have less flexibility overall, your ankles will be protected to the max if - and when - your board turns on you while you tackle a tough trick.

High-top trainers have a versatile design that can be worn with almost any outfit. All of our high-tops are uniquely engineered with the right support to keep you progressing. Whether you're a shorter person or a tall rider, invest in a pair today to take you through season after season. 

Whether you prefer fitted clothes or a looser look, embrace excellent board feel with Vans high-tops today. Ramp up for the weekend in a total classic that can handle life off the wall.

What's better high-tops or low-tops?

The choice between high-tops and low-tops comes down to preference. Find the best skate shoe for you based on a few key factors including the flexibility and fit. Low-top trainers can offer a lighter and less supportive base. High-tops can help with shock absorption while on the move.

There is some debate on whether collar height affects performance. Thanks in part to a flexible design,  you can wear low-tops on your board and off. Low-tops exercise your foot and ankle a bit more because the muscles must be more active when on the move. The downside? A pair of these kicks won't protect your ankle from everyday bumps and bruises.

High-tops like the SK8 Hi Shoes boast a supportive and padded ankle to guarantee protection session after session. Plus, durable canvas and suede uppers add even more durability to the mix.

From mountain biking to skateboarding, the extra height can really go a long way to supporting your ankle when scoring some major style points. However, some skaters and shorter people prefer low-tops because high-tops tend to make legs look shorter.

Whether you opt for high-tops or a pair of low-tops, a classic set of Vans is a style staple for any skater. Comfy, iconic, and made to last, these trainers will help you smash your next trick with ease.

Are high-tops good for skating?

Yes. High top trainers are an excellent option for skating through session after session. A higher cut offers additional padding and maximum stability. Plus, tackle your next trick without fear thanks to extra cushioning and major shock absorption.

The best part? These shoes will keep you warmer as temperatures drop. Many skate pros opt for high-tops because they offer added ankle support and additional protection. While they won't prevent you from rolling your ankle, the maximum cushioning can help prevent that nasty razor tail. 

The transition from tech trickery to brunch with your mates is simple thanks to a timeless look fit for all-day wear. For a classic style with modern durability, invest in a pair today. Then, hit the skate park for another session.

Do high-tops prevent ankle sprains?

Yes, high-tops offer additional support which can help prevent ankle sprains. While no shoe can guarantee you'll be injury-free, many high-top trainers have extra cushioning and impact absorption that improves durability with increased wear and tear. This design, in turn, can reduce ankle injuries.

A pro who skates in high-tops can catch some major air. If your board turns on you mid-flip, avoid bruising below the ankle thanks to a suede upper that's always got you covered.

However, keep in mind that the risk of injury really comes down to your own strength. While high-tops can totally protect you in the long run, they can also limit your freedom of movement so you won’t build muscle as quickly.

Build up major resilience and tackle life off the wall today. Whether you’re looking for a solid pair of low-tops or have set your sights even higher, we’ve got you covered. Lace-up a pair today and embrace your next adventure.