Are Vans Good For Wide Feet?

Have you ever bought a new pair of shoes that you were so excited to wear, only to find out that it hurts like hell when you walk more than five minutes in them? A lot of women understand this struggle, especially when it comes to shoes with heels. However, even the most comfortable-looking pair of sneakers can cause you agony.

There are several reasons your new sneakers don't fit, whether they are Sk8-Hi or Old Skool Vans. Perhaps you purchased the wrong size. Maybe you have high arches and need an additional insole to support them. Sometimes, the shoes are the right size and fit, but they need a little breaking in before they become truly comfortable. One more reason to explore is the width of your feet.

How to Know if You Have Wide Feet

Wide feet can be the result of multiple reasons. Most people with wide feet are born with them due to genetics. For others, their feet may grow wide over the years as they age, when they become pregnant, or for a number of medical conditions. Ironically, wearing the wrong size shoe can also make your feet grow wider as you develop bunions and calluses. A good way to tell if you have wide feet is if every shoe you try feels tight. If you suffer from chronic foot pain, this can also be an indicator.

You can measure your feet's length and width in most shoe stores. You can also do this at home with a simple measuring tape and a piece of paper.

  1. To measure length, place the paper on the ground, and put your foot flat on it. If you typically wear socks, do this with the socks on.
  2. Draw around your foot on the paper.
  3. Measure between the two farthest points of your foot (big toe to heel).
  4. Repeat the process with the second foot.
  5. To measure the width, wrap the tape around the widest area of your foot (below the toes), and note down the number in millimetres.
  6. Repeat the process with the second foot.
  7. Look up a conversion table to determine your size and if you have a narrow, regular, or wide foot.

Since what's considered wide changes according to your shoe size, you'll need to figure out the size according to the length first. For instance, 94 mm width for a size 4 shoe is considered a wide foot. But the same width with a size 7 is considered medium, and with a size 10 it's considered narrow.

Are Vans Good for Wide Feet?

Vans' unique shoe design takes into account every part of the foot. Whether slip-ons, high-tops, or low-tops, the entire footwear range is made to fit in the most comfortable way possible. First, the Vans sneakers have a wide toe box. This design feature guarantees your toes don't get crushed, which may lead to blisters and bunions. Since wide feet are usually the biggest on the top of the foot, a large toe box can help relieve the pressure there.

Second, Vans sneakers have ample arch support. This can be helpful specifically to people with wide feet and flat arches, as lifting the foot can help reduce the width. Finally, the fabric used to make the sneakers is soft and flexible, which can help large feet fit better.

If you still feel that your feet are too squeezed and hurt when you walk in a Vans shoe, there are several ways to solve that.

Stretch Your Vans Out

If you already own a beloved pair of Vans Old Skool shoes, which hurts every time you walk, you don't have to get rid of them. As we've mentioned, there are ways to break them in, to make them more comfortable. In addition, there are methods to stretch them out to add even more space.

One way to do that is by stuffing them with socks. You can take several pairs of socks and push them into the sneakers as tightly as possible, especially in the front of the shoe, as it's the widest part of the foot. Leave the socks in the sneakers over 24 or even 48 hours to give them time to adjust.

If that's not enough, you can use heat or cold to make the shoe more flexible. Read more about these methods to stretch out your Vans.

Sizing Up

If you don't already own a pair of Vans, but the ones you want feel tight at the store, your best bet is to size up. A bigger size doesn't just offer more length, but it's usually wider as well. It may be worth it to have the shoe slightly looser if it means it's not causing you pain. You can always wear thicker socks to make the sneakers fit better.

What Vans Are Good for Wide Feet

Vans have models that are made specifically for wide and extra wide feet. So if you're in the market for new shoes, these may offer you the most comfortable solution. Almost every design Van offers also comes in a wide fit. Anything from the Sk8-Hi and Old Skool to, Authentic shoes and classic Slip-Ons can fit a wide foot.

Don't Let Wide Feet Stop You

Everyone has a different foot width. While some people are in the average range, others can have narrow or wider feet. This doesn't need to limit you when you go shopping for Vans. As you can already tell, while there are several ways to make your sneakers fit better, there is also a wide selection of Vans specifically for wide feet.