MTE Vans: The best trainer

Trainers are the ultimate everyday shoe. Whether you’re heading out for a day out in the sun or a night out on the town, the best pairs of trainers are comfortable, durable and stylish. Our Vans Mountain Edition (MTE) range is customisable and designed to suit all of these adventures and occasions. With lots of styles to choose from, find out more about why you should consider adding one of our MTE trainers to your wardrobe.

What are Vans MTE?

The Vans MTE range was developed to create the ideal trainers for everyday adventures. With a durable design and waterproof materials, they’re made to withstand the elements, so whether you’re heading out in rain, sunshine or even snow, your feet will be kept dry and comfortable in Vans MTE trainers.

There are several ranges within the MTE collection, so you can always be sure to find a pair that suits your style, for both men and women. Our All-Weather MTE range offers the most practical and weather-resistant shoes, our SK8-Hi MTE range has a classic sneaker look that’s great for spending the day out on the skateboard course or park. Finally, the UltraRange Hi MTE range is inspired by athletes, with shoes that will keep you comfortable on the basketball court or out on the town.

How are Vans MTE different?

What makes the Vans MTE range different is that each shoe has been created to combine durability, comfort and style. By combining our unique design with high-grade technologies, we’ve created trainers that are perfect for wearing every day, whatever adventure or weather your face.

The main technologies that make Vans MTE trainers different from others are the Ultracush sockliner and RapidWeld upper liner welding. These technologies are used in all of our MTE trainers, with the Ultracush sockliner giving light and predictable comfort in the sole and the innovative stitchless RapidWeld welding technology creating an extremely strong bond between the upper lining and the rest of the shoe. Using these technologies means that our MTE trainers are sure to keep your feet dry and comfortable in all weathers.

Are Vans MTE warm?

Our All-Weather MTE range is designed to keep your feet dry and warm in all weathers. With our premium Scotchgard leather and suede uppers, warm linings and a heat-retaining Ultracush sockliner, our MTE trainers will always keep you comfortable, whatever the weather.

To create this, the ultimate all-season trainer, we’ve used our 20 years’ worth of experience in creating snow boots and our latest innovations, including our MTE 360 technology. This focuses on making the whole of the shoe as comfortable as possible, with water-resistant upper linings and durable lugged outsoles that will keep your feet warm and dry for longer.

How can you wear Vans MTE?

There are several different ranges within the Vans MTE collection, so you’ll be sure to find a style of trainer that you can wear with your everyday outfit. Designed to be worn in all weathers, our MTE trainers are a great addition to your daily wardrobe.

If you’re looking for a cool hi-top trainer, then the Vans SK8-Hi are a stylish sneaker that matches both casual and smart outfits. For a more retro, versatile design, our Old Skool MTE trainers are a great low-top option that can be easily worn both to the office and on a day out with friends. With both leather and suede options, as well as plenty of customisable designs, you’ll be sure to find an MTE trainer that’s both stylish and comfortable.