Chris Versteeg - Bouncing Off The Walls


Chris Versteeg is a graphic designer, illustrator, and chief editor of art and graffiti magazine Street and More (SAM). An appreciation for skateboarding and street-culture developed throughout Chris’s formative years growing up in the Netherlands, eventually leading him to study at both the School for Graphic Design, as well as the Willem de Kooning Academy in Rotterdam - where he still lives and works today.

He made some illustrations for you,
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Chris Versteeg

Bouncing Off The Walls with Chris Versteeg

A long-time collaborator and friend of Vans — Chris first lent his illustrative talents back in  2012, creating the artwork for our Vans Downtown Showdown skateboarding event held in Amsterdam. Chris has been involved with Vans Customs since 2015, creating exclusive, and one-of-a kind footwear design pieces as he continues to develop ideas and work through illustration, painting, magazines and books — he drives to inspire creative expression with curiosity and humour.

We asked him to have some fun, and he wanted
to share that fun with you - stay rad!

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