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Vans Shop Riot celebrated another historic finals as Bana, Portugal were crowned champions of Europe for the first time at their local spot in Parque Das Gerações skatepark, Lisbon, Portugal. Following epic riots throughout the day with notable battles including Frisco, Tactic, Lockwood and Destroy it was Bana & Titus who took there rightful places in the final. With a fairly even run throughout the final it then lead to what can only be described as a memorable moment in the history of Vans Shop Riot, both taking to the big rail and fighting it out, trick after trick. The eventual winners would be Bana as the Ribeiro twins became animals on the big section with Gustavo landing a bigger flip frontside board on the final run to send the local crowd into raptures. 

“This year the Vans Shop Riot finals have again been such a blast! Every year the level is stepping up exceptionally, with skaters showcasing gnarly tricks & top level street skateboarding from all across Europe. But what makes Vans Shop Riot special, according to all riders & guests, is the overall vibe, so it's no surprise why every team is going for it 100%” says Alexis Jauzion, Vans Senior Brand Manager for Action Sports. 

Vans Shop Riot also played host to the best trick competition on Saturday with three winners splitting prize money of up to €750. Across three park obstacles it was Alexander Risvad, Gustavo Ribeiro and Mickael Germond who would be the individual winners including an arsenal of tricks from a switch frontside tail slide 270 heel flip out to a hippy jump.

Finally a special mention has to go to Vans supporting artist and all round genius Jon Horner for creating a fantastic and unique exhibition showcasing his artistic touch on all things skateboarding. Jon has supported the series artwork this year and the Vans Rainy Day Activity book went down a storm with the local kids of Cascais who spent hours customising their own in order to win prizes.


WINNERS, €3600:

Bana, Portugal

 Highlights on the big rail included a kickflip backside lipslide, 360 flip frontside lipslide, big spin flip frontside board and the best of all to finish a bigger flip frontside board.


RUNNERS UP, €1800:

Titus, Germany 

 Highlights on the big rail included a frontside blunt fake, big spin flip front board & backside nose blunt. 


A special award of €500 went to Phil Zwijsen & Jarne Verbruggen for doing a front side smith grind on the same rail at the same time within inches of each other.


Saturdays best trick competition winners taking home €250 each 

 Alexander Risvad   - Switch frontside tail slide 270 heel flip out

Gustavo Ribeiro - 360 flip frontside lipslide

Mickael Germond - Hippie Jump

 Thanks to all the teams who joined us along the way, and those who made it to Portugal:

Burnside (Holland), Lockwood (Belgium), Picnic (Czech Rep), Titus (Germany), Black Sheep (UK), Destroy (Russia), Bana (Portugal), Wall Street (France), Circus Circus (Denmark), Surfhouse (Estonia), Tactic (Spain), Gili’s (Israel), Ministry of Concrete (Greece), and Frisco (Italy).

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