What are the best skate podcasts?

Love plugging into a podcast? From tips on how to nail a kick flip to how pro skaters made it big, we’ve compiled a list of the best skate podcasts around, ready for your next binge listen. You’ll not only be able to pick up some practical tips that you can use on the ramps, but you’ll also find out more about the industry at large from some legendary skate heads.

Charge your phone, grab your headphones and add our pick of the best skate podcasts to your ‘Up Next’ list.


All I Need 

Frequency: weekly

First released in 2012, pro skateboarder Anthony Shetler kills it with his lively, interview-style instalments. There’s a massive backlog of episodes for you to work your way through, covering everything from how skateboards are made to near death experiences. Find out what went down with guests such as Sam Curran, Brandon Westgate, Corey Goonan and Rey Tapley, to name just a few.

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All I Need - Skate podcasts - best of by Vans


The Nine Club with Chris Roberts

Frequency: weekly 

Discover how some of the greatest skating pros, amateurs, artists, actors and musicians found their passion for skating with The Nine Club podcast. Chris Roberts and his co-hosts, Roger Bagley and Kelly Hart, speak to legendary guests about their inspiring real-life skating stories – broken bones, spleen removals, favourite parks, first boards and all. Their episodes are also available on their YouTube channel, so you can watch them doing their thing in the studio.

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The Nine Club - Skate podcasts - best of by Vans


The Skatepark Podcast 

Frequency: twice a month

What does it take to be a successful skatepark advocate? Find out with The Skatepark Podcast, created by the Tony Hawk Foundation. From planning a new skatepark in your town to renovating local banks, bowls and half-pipes, hosts Peter Whitley and Alec Beck reveal everything you need to know about improving your community’s skating areas. You’ll also gain inside skating tips and tricks.

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The Skatepark Podcast  - Skate podcasts - best of by Vans


Quell Party

Frequency: bi-monthly-ish

This women’s skateboarding podcast features an awesome roster of guests, including the likes of Stevie May, Amelia Brodka and Kristin Ebeling, the Director of Skate Like A Girl. Hosted by Quell Skateboarding and Kristen Cat Party, its conversational style makes you feel like you’re there at the party. Find out more about the people making waves in the skating industry with each inspiring episode.

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Quell Party - Skate podcasts - best of by Vans


The Bunt

Frequency: weekly

With its rad guests and raw energy, it’s no surprise The Bunt podcast boasts 8 seasons so far. Legends such as Brad Cromer, Bradley Sheppard, Gary Rogers, Matt Miller and more drop by for skating and sports chats with hosts Cephas Benson and Donovan Jones. Featuring music, culture and some of your favourite skateboarders, hit the subscribe button now – it’s not to be missed.

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The Bunt - Skate podcasts - best of by Vans



Frequency: weekly

Obsessed with all things skateboarding? So are Drew Domkus, who first started skating in the 70s, and Aaron Monte, who first picked up a skateboard in the early 2000s. While they may seem like an unlikely pair, this duo’s 20-year age gap makes for an interesting listen for other skate heads out there. Hear Domkus and Monte chat about the local skateboarding scene, wider skating culture, parks, merch and more in over 120 episodes.

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Skatosis - Skate podcasts - best of by Vans


BS with TG

Frequency: twice a month

Just one man and his mic – American skateboarder and musician, Tommy Guerrero, has no plan when he hits the record button for each podcast episode. But that just keeps things interesting. A legend in his own right, Guerrero’s non-scripted podcast features rad skateboarding anecdotes that make you feel like you were there for the ride. With guest appearances from Barker Barrett, Chico Brenes and Jeremy Fish, it’s an easy, always-interesting listen.

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BS with TG


Ripride with Andy Roy

Frequency: weekly

The new podcast for mega rampers, Ripride with Andy Roy talks about this infamous skater’s life, skating experiences and his dreams of getting propelled out of a cannon. Roy is joined by co-host and pizza chef David Deery and, together, they take you on a high-octane ride through Derry’s first drop-in on vert, interview Nick Merlino and talk about skating until the wheels fall off. A gnarly listen for lovers of freestyling.

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Did any of your favourite skate podcasts make the list? Immerse yourself totally in the skate scene and feel inspired to smash your next freestyle, street, vert or park excursion with each episode. Until next time, continue carving out your own path.